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Outside Your Home: Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening is an activity that offers a variety of benefits. Not only does it enable the gardener to get closer to nature, but depending on the type of garden it can beautify one's yard or be a way to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Well maintained flower gardens may even add significantly to a home's overall value.

In general, gardening may contribute to improved mental and physical health by helping to alleviate depression, raise self-esteem, increase dexterity, reduce stress, and encourage a moderate level of outdoor exercise. Exposure to sunlight is another bonus, as it helps raise vitamin D levels. People who establish food gardens at home often see a drop in their food expenses as they generally eat what they grow. Additionally, home gardeners may even sell some of what they grow or donate any excess to those in need. Growing and maintaining a garden may also benefit the environment by reducing soil erosion.

Gardening is a rewarding hobby for many and an activity that one can share with children. Teaching children to garden is a major benefit as it is an educational experience that helps them understand nature and how plants grow. When planning an outdoor garden both children and location must be taken into consideration. One should select an area that receives the right amount of light exposure to encourage growth. Because children and animals can be destructive when it comes to playing around or even in a garden, one should consider creating a barrier to keep them out and protect the plants.

Landscaping is a significant feature of one's home, as it is the first feature of the property that people see. Like gardening, quality landscaping can increase the worth of one's home by making it more attractive.

Well-designed landscapes may even incorporate an attractive garden into its design.


Landscaping projects offer the same health benefits as gardening, and proper landscaping is also healthy for the environment. For example, well-placed trees can provide shade during the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning, thereby conserving electricity. Homeowners must, however, consider their local climate when they embark on a landscaping project. They will need to choose the type of grass that is native to the area in order to minimize their water usage footprint. In some cases, drought-tolerant succulent plants may be preferable to traditional lawn grass, and as a rule, drip irrigation is preferable to traditional water sprinklers. Upkeep is also an important part of having a beautifully landscaped outdoor environment. This is an activity that a homeowner can take on themselves, or they may choose to hire a professional landscaping company that can maintain the grass, prune trees, and keep shrubs neatly trimmed.

Whether one is interested in landscaping, gardening or both, composting is an ideal way to provide a suitable growing environment for plants. Composting offers many benefits, including a reduction in soil erosion, enhancing the nutrients available in the soil, mitigating the risk of diseases that strike plants, cutting down on the threat of pests, and reducing the amount of irrigation that is needed.


For both landscaping and gardening, it can also reduce the need for chemical fertilizers that are also potentially harmful to the environment. Garden and landscape enthusiasts can compost either in their back yards or indoors. Composting, which is a method of recycling organic waste, also reduces the amount of material that goes to landfills, which is a major environmental benefit because it cuts down on landfill methane emissions.


Composting and Landscaping

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